ZWPC workshop

Zero Waste Pattern Cutting


The showcased course works of the partcipants:

(All the photographs are by Katja Tähjä.)

Alisa's workAlisa


Andrej's workAndrej’s Subarew


Jane's workJane Palmu


Lasma's work

Lasma Simsone


Lois's work

Lois Pittman


Maarit's work

Maarit A.


Mara's work

Mara Binde


Pia's work

Pia Mouwits


Petra's work

Petra Leino


Piret's work

Piret Mägi


Sinome's work

Simone Austen


Tuula's work

Tuula Bergqvist


Varvara's work

Varvara Zhemchuzhnikova


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