ZWPC workshop

Zero Waste Pattern Cutting


The idea of Zero Waste Pattern Cutting is not new, even though the name has not been used in this context until recently. Garments have long been made with the same philosophy. However, today, “zero waste”, suggests a particular focus on not creating waste, whereas before, the main concern was to fully utilise the expensive fabrics. The design researchers who brought this approach to light again, and started refining it, include Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan.

As Rissanen[1] sums up, the himation, chiton and peplon of ancient Greece, the Indian sari and the Japanese kimono are traditional garments that were constructed using the entire fabric. In modern Europe, the Parisian couturier, Madeleine Vionnet, made use of this idea in some of her creations, such as, for example, in a dress made out of four squares.[2]


[1] Rissanen 2005

[2] Kirke 1998, pp.54–55


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