ZWPC workshop

Zero Waste Pattern Cutting


As noted by McQuillan[1] and Rissanen[2] there are several ways to approach the aim of zero fabric waste as well as possibilities for achieving very different outcomes. The zero waste pattern-making process can begin with guidelines such as the type of garment, the width of the fabric and a fixed area, e.g. a certain shape of a sleeve. Keeping such fixed areas to a minimum leaves more space for spontaneous design decisions. A key to understanding the consequences of cutting the fabric is to see that a cut will create not just the one piece you intended but another piece alongside it.[3]

The Zero Waste Pattern Cutting -techniques taught at the ZWPC-workshop were:

1)      Planned Chaos: Using garment blocks as fixed guidelines

2)      Geo Cut: Using geometrical shapes such as squares, triangles and circles

3)      Cut and Drape: Combination of random, fluid cutting and draping[4]


[1] McQuillan 2011, pp.87–96

[2] Rissanen 2008, pp.193–197

[3] McQuillan 2011, p.93

[4] McQuillan 2012


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