ZWPC workshop

Zero Waste Pattern Cutting


This blog is an information site dedicated to Zero Waste Pattern Cutting (ZWPC). Primarily it is an account of the ZWPC workshop taught by Holly McQuillan at Aalto University in Helsinki 13–17.08.2012.

The blog, ZWPC workshop, summarises the basics of the Zero Waste Pattern Cutting method and showcases some of the projects created at the workshop. Although it mainly documents the processes and outcomes of the workshop, it may also inspire other people who are interested in the Zero Waste Pattern Cutting method.

The workshop was coordinated by Aalto University and funded by the Baltic Fashion project. The objective was to gain practical knowledge of an innovative technique, Zero Waste Pattern Cutting, which could provide new perspectives for fashion design, while also developing sustainable design practices. The participants included teaching faculty, students and designers from partnering organisations of the Baltic Fashion Network. This blog, like the shared notes and pictures from a course, serves as a tool for participants, to be used either as teaching materials or in their design practice. It is a public site for sharing information with anyone who is interested, for inspiration and introductory knowledge.



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